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Mr. Siegel is not only an exceptionally talented attorney, but also a tremendously compassionate individual. . . From my first consultation with Mr. Siegel, I felt that this is clearly a firm that puts the client and client’s well-being at the top of the agenda. Mr. Siegel and the staff… were very responsive at every turn in my case and continue to be, whether addressing a new development, providing sound advice, or just checking up to make sure I’m handling the mental and emotional challenges of the case.


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Strategic Representation of Executives and Professionals in Employment Matters

Our experience spans the scope of executive employment and compensation issues. For those considering new opportunities and positions, we assist with:

• Reviewing, negotiating, drafting, and enforcing contracts

• Evaluating and counseling regarding the prudence, fairness, and enforceability of proposed non-competition and non-solicitation agreements

• Negotiating optimal executive compensation arrangements

• Determining and shaping the scope of confidentiality agreements

When conflicts arise, our skilled negotiators endeavor to find efficient resolutions and preserve relationships whenever possible. But our experienced litigators always stand ready to forcefully advance our clients’ interests in court when doing so provides the best or only way to favorably resolve a dispute.

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Learn about negotiating agreements and severance pay, as well as litigating FMLA, discrimination and wage and hour claims.


S&D is a law firm of attorneys with a combined 70 years experience in employment matters.

Executives Information Center

C-Level executives and professionals often face unique employment issues. These may include:

  • Negotiating agreements
  • Negotiating severance pay
  • Executive Compensation
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements

These issues apply to executives, doctors, lawyers, professors and other professionals. If you are facing these or other executive related issues, visit our Executives Information Center for valuable information.

The settlement Mr. Siegel expertly negotiated is allowing me an opportunity to transition successfully to a promising and happy new future.

“Mr. Siegel is not only an exceptionally talented attorney, but also a tremendously compassionate individual. . . From my first consultation with Mr. Siegel, I felt that this is clearly a firm that puts the client and client’s well-being at the top of the agenda.”


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Siegel and Dolan is a Chicago employment law firm with a combined 70 years of experience representing executives in negotiations with the largest corporations in America.

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An employment contract is always better than “at-will” status.

Severance packages for terminated employees

Do not sign a severance agreement until it is reviewed by an employment law attorney.

Fair Labor Standards Act

We have recovered millions on behalf of employees who were underpaid or not paid overtime pursuant to the FLSA.

Violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act

The FMLA guarantees classes of employees the right to take unpaid leave for many reasons.

Whistleblower litigation

Illinois and federal laws prohibit employers from retaliating against employees and whistleblowers


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Featured Case Study

Severance Package Negotiation

Siegel & Dolan successfully negotiated a multi-million-dollar severance pay package for a departing sales executive who claimed he was owed unpaid commission compensation. The sales executive sought commission payment under a sales compensation plan for a large deal he helped close.

The company argued that it had the discretion to modify the terms of the plan including commission rates and calculations for payouts to the sales executive and it was within its rights to pay only a portion of the owed commission. After extensive negotiations, the company ultimately agreed to pay the sales executive almost $2,000,000 dollars as part of a severance pay package.

Featured Case Study


Siegel & Dolan represented a female advertising executive who took a medical leave of absence from work due to her surgery. Generally speaking, per the Family and Medical Leave Act, she was supposed to be restored to her previous position, or an equivalent position at the conclusion of her approved FMLA leave.

Unfortunately, when she returned from her leave, the company did not restore her to her previous position. She was told that rather than leading the client account and managing the client team, she would be in a subordinate role. Our client was understandably upset and needed assistance in exiting the company. Siegel & Dolan was able to successfully negotiate a substantial separation package that allowed her to transition to the next phase of her career.