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No matter the nature of your practice, you want your clients to receive the best possible counsel on the issues they face. Those issues often involve the terms of your client’s employment, the compensation they will or should receive, or disputes with their company about their rights and obligations. Providing them with an attorney referral to Chicago employment lawyers who have made these matters their life’s work can be the best way to serve your clients and strengthen the bonds of trust and respect in your attorney-client relationships.

Employment Law and Executive Compensation. Exclusively.

That is precisely why so many attorneys who practice in other areas of law send their employment case referrals to Siegel & Dolan, Ltd. Employment law and executive compensation are all we do. We understand the importance of finding a law firm you can trust to protect and advance your client’s interests or maximize the value of your client’s case. We also know that you want your employment law attorney referral to be one that you make with confidence and the assurance that you are partnering with co-counsel who treat your client just as well as you do.

We leverage over 70 combined years of executive employment law experience and our exclusive focus on employment law to provide exceptional employment lawyer consultations and representation on all matters intersecting with your client’s career, including:

A Stellar Reputation. A Trusted Partner. A Distinct Advantage for Your Clients.

Ask around about Siegel & Dolan. Firm co-founders Marc Siegel and Patrick Dolan are consistently recognized by their fellow attorneys for their talent and successes, and have assembled a team of Chicago employment lawyers as skilled and dedicated as they are. We regularly receive employment case referrals from solo practitioners and AmLaw 100 firms, tax attorneys and estate planners, general counsel and insurance counsel, and colleagues and adversaries alike.

All of our attorney referrals receive more than just referral fees. They get transparent communication, responsiveness, and a commitment to client service. They reap the benefits of attorneys from diverse backgrounds who can offer insights and counsel from a wide range of perspectives. They get skilled negotiators and seasoned litigators who approach every matter with a clear, proactive strategy formulated to achieve the client’s financial, career, and personal objectives with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We tailor the nature and extent of our employment case referral engagements to your client’s specific needs. Often, it is a simple employment lawyer consultation over the phone to answer a discreet question or address a single issue. We regularly get attorney referrals for employment contract and compensation negotiations, and our litigators are frequently called upon to be forceful advocates in complex and contentious employment law disputes.

We will work closely with you and your client to define the scope of our engagement and ensure that we are all in agreement on the path forward.

Siegel & Dolan: The Chicago Employment Lawyers Other Lawyers Turn To.

At Siegel & Dolan, we know how important your clients are to you, and how important your client’s careers are to them. That is why we have dedicated our careers to representing c-suite executives in the employment law matters that matter the most. That is why attorneys in Chicago and across the country turn to Siegel & Dolan for their employment case referrals. As co-counsel and as colleagues, we are committed to ensuring that the first lawyer referral you make to our firm will not be the last.

If you need an employment lawyer consultation or an employment law attorney referral, please call us at (312) 878-3210 or contact us online. We look forward to serving you and your client.

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Siegel and Dolan is a Chicago employment law firm with a combined 70 years of experience representing executives in negotiations with the largest corporations in America.