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Marc J. Siegel

Phone: (312) 878-3210
Fax: (312) 878-3211
Marc J. Siegel is the Founder and Managing Partner of Siegel & Dolan, and has practiced labor and employment law in Chicago for his entire career. He has a unique labor and employment background, representing both individuals and businesses in a… Read More
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Patrick D. Dolan

Phone: (312) 878-3210
Fax: (312) 878-3211
Patrick D. Dolan is a co-founder and named partner of Siegel & Dolan, Ltd. He has practiced employment and related business law for executives and companies since he began his legal career more than two decades ago in California. Mr. Dolan repres… Read More
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Bradley Manewith

Phone: (312) 878-3210
Fax: (312) 878-3211
Bradley Manewith is a Partner in the firm. Throughout his legal career, Mr. Manewith has primarily represented employees in various employment law matters. Mr. Manewith has extensive experience litigating and negotiating wage and hour claims on behal… Read More
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Anne K. Schmidlin

Phone: (312) 878-3210
Fax: (312) 878-3211
Anne Schmidlin is an associate attorney at Siegel & Dolan. Ms. Schmidlin has experience representing employees in wide variety of matters, including Title VII, wage and hour, ADA, FMLA, constitutional, and state-based employment claims. She also… Read More
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James D. Rogers

Phone: (312) 878-3210
Fax: (312) 878-3211
James Rogers is an associate attorney at Siegel & Dolan.  James has experience representing employees in a wide variety of areas, including Title VII, § 1981, wage and hour claims, Americans with Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act,… Read More
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Laurie Wasserman

  Hailing from Washington D.C., Laurie Wasserman is an employment law attorney with more than thirty-five years of experience. Ms. Wasserman has served as lead counsel in cases for discrimination based on sexual harassment, age, religion, race,… Read More
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Thalia Pacheco

Phone: (312)878-3210
Fax: (312)878-3211
Thalia Pacheco is a staff attorney at Siegel & Dolan. Thalia has experience representing employees in a wide variety of employment matters. Before joining Siegel & Dolan, Thalia interned at C-K Law Group: The Law Offices of Chicago-Kent in it… Read More
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