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Patrick Dolan interviewed on WGN Radio on COVID 19 & Capital Riots

Siegel & Dolan founding partner Patrick Dolan was interviewed on WGN Radio by Steve Bertrand to answer several questions regarding COVID 19 and the U.S. Capital Riots.

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Click to learn answers to questions such as:

  • Can a business owner require that an employee get vaccinated?
  • Does the Americans with Disabilities Act apply to COVID vaccinations?
  • Can someone’s religious beliefs provide immunity from getting the vaccination?
  • What if an employee is scared of getting the vaccination?
  • What requirements are there for employers to keep employees safe?
  • Can an employer fire an employee for unlawfully entering the U.S. Capital?
  • Can an employer fire an employee for engaging in conduct that damages the reputation of a business?
  • Do public employees have greater free speech protections than private sector employees?