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Patrick Dolan Receives Letter of Thanks from Happy Client


About a year ago is when I reached out to a highly regarded employment defense attorney for any suggestions on employment attorneys that he had worked with in the past. He came back with 3 names, stating that the first attorney on the list has “kicked his butt” before. I told him to just give me that name!

It’s been a long year for us, with a lot of ups, downs, and frustrations. But the decision to retain Patrick and Siegel & Dolan was a God send to us in navigating this past year. One of my earliest correspondences to you I stated how I wanted to just be left alone and finish my career on my own terms. At times, throughout this year we all thought that I am never coming back. But thanks to you, here I am finishing my career on my own terms.

I also stated early on that it is not about the money, but my former employer’s activities the past year made it about money. Once again, you really delivered for us. Along with the lost salary, all of the other items, health insurance, sick leave (pension projections), vacation leave, bonuses, etc., represented a large cash value to us for the next few years. Net of expenses that was large settlement.

You told me that you are there to protect my claims. Well I think you did much more than that, I would say you “kicked butt”!

Thank you Patrick for all you have done for us.