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Marc Siegel and Patrick Dolan had each earned reputations as exceptional employment lawyers when they decided to establish their own firm. They did so with a clear goal: to provide personal, practical, and sophisticated representation for executives and employees facing complex employment and compensation issues.

They also wanted to build a firm on a bedrock of unshakable principles: absolute commitment to their clients’ well-being, unwavering advocacy to advance their clients’ interests, and the understanding that enduring client relationships are built on trust, empathy, and service.

Diverse Talents and Common Values

Siegel & Dolan, Ltd. has since become a premier employment law firm in Chicago, with a dedicated team of labor and employment attorneys who match their complementary talents with shared values. We are just as passionate about what we do for a living as you are, and leverage our skills and insights to provide the guidance that can help you navigate career transitions and challenges with clarity and confidence.

Our attorneys have over 70 years of combined experience in labor, employment, and executive compensation matters. The backgrounds of our attorneys are diverse and varied, allowing us to evaluate situations through multiple perspectives that facilitate the development of optimal solutions.

While our focus is on maximizing benefits and minimizing risks for executives and employees, our experience representing management enhances our ability to efficiently resolve partnership and shareholder disputes. We have unmatched experience negotiating complex executive employment, compensation and separation agreements, and our litigators have demonstrated their advocacy skills in courtrooms and administrative hearings throughout the country. Our attorneys include seasoned mediators and arbitrators who keenly understand what it takes to resolve disputes in alternative forums.

We have represented people in the public and private sectors, in all industries, and at all levels, from minimum wage workers to chief executives. Our clients are officers and directors, doctors and lawyers, professors and professionals. They come to us at all stages of their career, seeking to protect their livelihoods, understand their rights and options, and obtain the counsel that will help them achieve their goals.

Facilitating New Opportunities

If you are offered or are considering new opportunities, we can answer questions and address concerns you may have about proposed employment agreements and executive compensation arrangements. When we evaluate, negotiate, or draft agreements, we do so with the goal of ensuring that you fully understand what these contracts say – and what they don’t. We want you to seize attractive offers and avoid perilous ones. We endeavor to be facilitators of your career advancement while shielding you from future circumstances that could put you and your family at risk.

To achieve these ends, we take the time to truly understand you, your past experiences, and your future goals. We see the attorney-client relationship as a uniquely personal one and treat you accordingly, with respect, honesty, and genuine concern. That is one reason why our clients continue to reach out to us and refer their colleagues to us whenever employment, labor, or questions matters arise.

Areas of Practice

LAw Services

Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts

An employment contract is always better than “at-will” status.

Severance packages for terminated employees

Severance packages for terminated employees

Do not sign a severance agreement until it is reviewed by an employment law attorney.

Fair Labor Standards Act

Fair Labor Standards Act

We have recovered millions on behalf of employees who were underpaid or not paid overtime pursuant to the FLSA.

Violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act

Violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act

The FMLA guarantees classes of employees the right to take unpaid leave for many reasons.

Whistleblower litigation

Executives Information Center

Find valuable information on the employment topics affecting executives.

Finding and Fighting for Positive Outcomes

While we are indeed accomplished negotiators, we also recognize that even the most promising employment relationships can devolve into misunderstanding, mistreatment, or misconduct. When that happens, we know that our clients are facing an array of emotions that can range from anger to anxiety to confusion. Our job is to bring order to the chaos of employment disputes and help resolve conflicts efficiently and conclusively.

We do so by considering all avenues of resolution, evaluating the immediate and long-term benefits and risks of a wide range of approaches, and choosing a course best designed to reach the client’s objectives. In employment matters, including reaching acceptable severance agreements, this often involves difficult discussions with opposing parties and counsel. Negotiation is an art requiring a collection of abilities, like understanding pressure points and core interests and knowing when and how to gain the leverage that can enhance the chances of a favorable outcome.

Of course, not all employment disputes can conclude with a handshake and settlement. Entrenched positions and considerations beyond the four corners of an individual case often make litigation the only viable option. We know how taxing – financially and emotionally – protracted litigation can be on employees facing well-funded adversaries who were once colleagues.

Siegel & Dolan’s tenacious yet strategic litigators are determined advocates who know how to protect and advance our clients’ interests in the courtroom. “Winning” in litigation can mean very little if the costs of success outweigh the benefits, so we work efficiently and cost-effectively without compromising the forceful and thorough advocacy that employment cases require.

We have obtained successful outcomes for clients up against some of the largest law firms in the country. Our litigation practice focuses on claims for restrictive covenants, executive compensationunpaid wages and overtimeviolations of the Family and Medical Leave Actwhistleblower litigation, harassment and discrimination cases, and unlawful retaliation. Our workplace attorneys also have experience with contract and state tort claims relating to business and employment issues.

Siegel & Dolan: Chicago Executive Compensation and Employment Law Attorneys

We invite you to learn more about our firm, our attorneys, and the ways we help executives and employees like yourself with their career journey. We are outstanding negotiators, litigators, and counselors with an unparalleled perspective on what goes on in the workplace.

Please reach out to Siegel & Dolan by calling us at (312) 878-3210 or contacting us online. We look forward to meeting with you.

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Siegel and Dolan is a Chicago employment law firm with a combined 70 years of experience representing executives in negotiations with the largest corporations in America.