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Guardsman Sues Target for Wrongful Termination

Andrew Lanier, a member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, sued Target Corporation in a federal court in Pittsburgh saying he was wrongly terminated for violating its “no-call, no-show” policy while he was on a training assignment. According to Lanier, he told his supervisors about the training duty in October 2011 but was fired when he returned for not calling in absent each and every day of the training assignment. Lanier alleges that his termination violated the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act which is meant to protect the civilian jobs of the military while they are away for mandatory duties. Lanier claims he had told his team leader and at least two store managers as well as notifying Target through its electronic time-off request system about his mandatory training obligations. While Target contends that no record of his requests for time off exists, it is exploring Lanier’s allegations.