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Marc Siegel Gives Mediation Presentation

This week, Siegel & Dolan’s Managing Partner, Marc Siegel, along with colleague Mike Leech of Talk Sense Mediation, presented to a panel of more than 20 mediators at the Association of Attorney Mediators Monthly Mediators’ Forum Meeting. Siegel and Leech compared and contrasted their experiences observing mediations conducted by two of the top mediators in California. Throughout the presentation, Siegel and Leech provided insight on when to initiate a joint session during mediation, discussed the various approaches mediators can take to listening to the parties and providing feedback, and how mediators can pivot towards resolving the case and closing the deal.

The Illinois Association of Attorney Mediators (AAM) is a group of highly qualified, certified Illinois mediators who preside over both civil and chancery matters. For more information on AAM, visit their website here.

Mediation is often an effective alternative to litigation, especially where it is in the best interests of both parties to reach a settlement. Marc Siegel is an AAM mediator.

Check back in often for more updates on Illinois AAM events, and the kickoff of AAM’s Settlement Week.