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"Mr. Siegel is not only an exceptionally talented attorney, but also a tremendously compassionate individual. ... From my first consultation with Mr. Siegel, I felt that this is clearly a firm that puts the client and client's well-being at the top of the agenda. Mr. Siegel and the staff ... were very responsive at every turn in my case and continue to be, whether addressing a new development, providing sound advice, or just checking up to make sure I'm handling the mental and emotional challenges of the case. The settlement Mr. Siegel expertly negotiated is allowing me an opportunity to transition successfully to a promising and happy new future. I highly recommend the firm and especially Mr. Siegel to individuals in need of legal assistance."

– L.T.

"Marc handled my situation professionally throughout. From the initial meeting of gathering the information, discussing the process he would take, importantly keeping me up to date with concise communication as to the progress, to a satisfactory resolution."

– T.J.

"I'm very grateful for everything you did for me at that difficult time."

– A.E.

"Marc Siegel took time to listen ... and made my priorities his priorities. He was supportive and incredibly comforting as I had never needed a lawyer in my life before. When I finally got one I was so relieved, as Marc said, to let him handle it as I had been going it alone for so long. It helped my life so much and he personally called to give me the news that things had been worked out and justice had arrived. It meant a lot to me to have him working for me and take the time to provide such great client service.

I couldn't be happier with the respect and attention I got from Marc and his staff. I would recommend him to anyone and especially people who are as uncomfortable as I was at first. He put me at ease and more importantly got the results I wanted quickly. I am very grateful for his impressive work."

– C.C.

"It's done. They cannot hurt me anymore.

You are a great attorney and human being.

I thank you."

– R.K.

"After I was denied promotion, I went through numerous law firms seeking representation. ... [Meeting with Marc Siegel] was the first instance when I felt that someone actually took the time to listen to my case. Marc was empathetic, kind and non-judgmental. At the same time, he was also honest in explaining the limited set of choices in pursuing a lawsuit against my employer. We decided to pursue the case and Marc followed the case diligently. ...

After eight months, we won our case. To say that I was overjoyed would be an understatement. The firm kept me sane when I thought I was losing my mind. ...

R. W. Emerson said, "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars." In my own dark time, the firm ... was my north star, providing guidance and, ultimately, leading me to victory. I give the firm and Marc my highest recommendation. They work with you, present all your options and can provide refuge in times of professional trials and upheavals."

– K.D.

"I can only thank God that we have u. Happiness of my Dad is my happiness.

Thank you, again."

– Y.E.

"I'd like to sincerely thank you for your review and response. Your ideas helped me focus more on what was realistic. ...

I'll pass along your contact information on employment rights matters.

If I can ever be of assistance don't hesitate to ask. And thanks again for your time."

– C.C. (fellow attorney)

"My experience ... was excellent. My case was handled in a very professional manner. Marc Siegel was very thorough and very conscientious of the costs involved and settled my case in an equitable manner at a reasonable cost. His perspective and his advice were excellent and I would certainly use his services again if the need arises. Marc is an excellent attorney and it was a pleasure working with him and his staff."

– B.S.

"You are a natural born teacher."

– K.C. (law professor for whom Marc Siegel served as a guest lecturer)

"The presenter [Marc Siegel] was very knowledgable and engaging. I learn[ed] a lot from this webinar. Please bring him back for more sessions on other topics."

– Webinar Participant

"My personal take from working with Marc is that he is extremely dedicated to his work in this area, and has great depth of knowledge on this subject. He was also extremely gracious and easy to work with."

– Webinar Organizer

"Marc Siegel is a very interesting and knowledgeable speaker."

– Seminar Participant

"Marc's expertise, professionalism, and compassion made a very difficult time in my life much easier. Throughout my experience with his law firm, they have consistently made only decisions which were in my best interest, while performing at the highest level of integrity. I sincerely believe that any other attorney would have failed to achieve what this firm has accomplished. I can't say enough good things about Marc and his associates."

– J.F.

"Marc Siegel and his staff were very helpful in helping me obtain payment for work completed from a previous employer. Marc laid out my options and guided me during the discussions with my previous employer. He sought my opinion during the process and his continued guidance during these discussions was invaluable. His grasp of Illinois law and its application to my situation was very helpful in obtaining an agreement. I wholeheartedly recommend Marc Siegel to anyone with a potential employment issue."

– D.S.

"Marc laid out my options and guided me during the discussions with my previous employer. He sought my opinion during the process and his continued guidance during these discussions was invaluable. As I am not experienced in negotiations, Marc was helpful in pointing out when enough was enough. He suggested the dollar difference was immaterial enough, that I could indicate I was done discussing and they should either accept or I would file. His read on the situation made sense to me, I agreed and was successful. Last, his grasp of Illinois law and its application to my situation was very helpful in obtaining an agreement.

My family and I thank you!"

– D.S.Y.

"Opposing Marc is an enlightened litigation experience. He is smart and aggressive but always appropriate and civil. Marc is a polished and determined advocate. Standing opposite Marc before the court always raises my game."

– J.B. (Chicago attorney)

"When I was terminated from my employer of 26 years, Marc was the perfect person to represent me. He was highly recommended by my network. He was compassionate about my situation and listened to all that had transpired. He talked me through his strategy recommendation and then took control of the negotiation with my former employer. Marc was able to put our best arguments forward while remaining calm and professional. I believe I got a fair deal from my employer and kept my professionalism and dignity in the process. I highly recommend Marc Siegel."

– C.P.

"Marc Siegel was able to negotiate a speedy and excellent conclusion to my employment problem. His professionalism and his personal attention to my case were greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend his services to anyone facing what they perceive to be an insurmountable problem. I will be forever grateful to Marc for ending my nightmare."

– R.P.

"I sincerely appreciate the guidance you offered and help understanding how my claim would play out in court.  Without your assistance, I'd have had no idea what a reasonable goal should be for an out-of-court resolution."

– JH

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